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        "Weaving Dreams 58" was born in June 2014 (www.freedede.cn), to provide a share issue boutique weaving and weaving source dream dreams establishment process often encountered in solutions for the main purpose of the summary.
        "Weaving Dreams 58" covering: business class weaving dreams of source, source portal type weaving dreams, and studio-based or blog etc. weaving dreams system imitation and other styles.
        "Weaving Dreams 58" will be in a shared technology, comprehensive, specialized and depth of free polyhydric direction, to create practical and efficient establishment experience, providing high quality services for members and customers.
        "Weaving Dreams 58" Thanks to numerous concerns, support our members and visitors who thank you for your trust. Young "weaving dreams 58" ready to work with the same dynamic you accompany each other and grow together!
        "Weaving Dreams 58" to concentrate on only one thing to do, is to do a complete source of weaving dreams!

        OUR HONOR



        Safety and green decoration
        Safety and green decoration

        100% no asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, non-toxic harmless no radiation, green. The use of non combustible materials for the material of the cement fiber board, the fire reaches the national A1 level standards, the ASTME84 detection, the detection results of 0, far lower than the minimum standard 25.


        Repeat inspection layers of checks
        Repeat inspection layers of checks

        The water resistance test, the most suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, bathrooms and other damp places, has antibacterial function. Paste, the cutting, sawing and planing general machine tools used in the actual installation, structure glue, AB glue can make the firm, and the construction is convenient.


        Category range to create a comfortable living space
        Category range to create a comfortable living space

        There are stone, wood, solid three series, dozens of specifications and models are available, the pattern simulation of up to 99%. Wall, ceiling, pillars, living room, bedroom, bathroom, as long as you need the place, we have the corresponding products can choose.


        Excellent quality and lightweight fast
        Excellent quality and lightweight fast

        It is cheaper than the marble, but it has the effect of big a stone, and can replace the wall paper, it is not bleached, easy to wash. Practical installation and use of ordinary tools can, the construction is convenient, quality lightweight, easy to transport, shorten the time limit for a project.



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